Our school

  • Address: Russia, Yaroslavl, Svoboda Street 77.
  • Phone number: +7 (4852) 21-46-95.

Our school number 49 was founded in 1937 and from the beginning it was named after Maxim Gorky, the famous Russian and Soviet writer. We celebrated the school's birthday in 2017, it was 80 years old.

From the early years, the school has provided first-class education in different areas. Now it has three educational fields for senior pupils:

  • Physics and Mathematics,
  • Chemistry and Biology,
  • Economic science.

This year there are 38 forms at school: elementary school — 18 forms, main school — 17 forms, higher grades — 4 forms. 1091 pupils study at school, 74 qualified teachers teach them. Our school works 6 days a week.

The Road of Good

The school realizes the social project «The road of good», which works in focus areas such as collaboration with boarding schools and retirement homes; contacts with veterans, who lived in besieged Leningrad; helps stray animals.

Seasons Fairs

There is Fruit and Vegetable Fair in autumn, Christmas handmade presents Fair in winter and Easter presents Fair in spring.


The school also offers the camp for vocational guidance «PremierPark». It is the local innovative education playground for grades 7–8 where students may display their skills, knowledge and learn new ideas, how to show their possisbilities and use the opportunities.

We are

  • S — serious, self-confident, smart, sociable;
  • C — charming, creative, changeable, clever, cheerful;
  • H — happy, high, hardworking;
  • O — open, obedient, omnipotence;
  • O — optimistic, omniscient;
  • L — loud, light, lovely, lavish.

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